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Bake.A.Dish. Never again wash dishes! | Nunca volver a lavar platos!


Bake.A.Dish is an oven that creates bread and biscuit dinnerware. You can customize the shape of your dishes based on your diet or just for fun!

By customizing the size of the food dishes according to one’s special needs and adding a controlled amount of fiber and carbohydrates to the diet it promises a healthier eating lifestyle. You also get to eat hot and fresh bakeries whenever you want.
Using a mobile application as the interface and a shape-shifting double mold, you can customize the size and shape of your dishes and either have a puffy bread-like plate or a thin biscuit-like dish. The possibilities for creating new forms is open ground for creativity! The application estimates the amount of calories for the designed plate so people can have control over the amount of calories they’re adding to their everyday diet.
Considering that the energy needed for making these breads…

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